¡Hola! Welcome to Inkkk Mazatlán - Tattoo shop and Art Gallery

My name is Sergio Angulo and I've been a tattoo artist in United States and in Mazatlán since 1997.



My Experience


My first shop, Inkk Mazatlán, was established in 2000, located across the street from the Hotel Playa. We later moved to a shop in the Golden Zone and recently moved to the up-and-coming renovated Historic Zone in downtown Mazatlan. Our shop is across the street from the Art Museum and from Macaws Restaurant.

My Specialties


I can work across a range of tattoo styles, and specialize in complex shading, cultural/tribal art, transformational cover-ups and portraits. These styles reflect who I am as an artist and as a person, weaving together my skills, history and culture, and combining those to help each of my clients reflect the feelings and memories that they wish to express with their unique tattoo.

Safety is very important when you get a tattoo or piercings, and that is why I only use FDA approved, imported and disposable/sterile equipment.  

My Art

Many will argue that tattooing is not a form of art. That is a debate that I don´t need to solve, because I am also a painter, working in oils and watercolors. My preferred painting styles are similar to my tattoo specialties – reflections of the nuances of life and the intersections of color, history and culture that make each representation unique and meaningful. 

I hope you'll find the time to stop by my shop to see the selection of paintings I have on display, and if you are interested in a custom painting or portrait, go ahead and ask.

Our gallery is part of the Mazatlan Art Walk as well – hope to see you there!

Tattoo Removal


Second thoughts?

If you happen to have had a tattoo with another artist that you are having second thoughts about, we have two ways to help you with that.

First, you can consider a cover-up tattoo, which you can see from the above examples can transform an older tattoo into an artful new memory for you.

Or, if you prefer to eliminate your tattoo, we offer laser treatments. I use the Nd-Yag Q-Switched laser (Medilite IV), combining different wavelengths (1064 nm or 532 nm), and while results vary depending on the color, age, and original application method of the existing tattoo, we are often able to eliminate all of the tattoo pigment. And, laser treatments work in as few as two or three sessions without leaving marks on the skin.


How does it work?

The laser breaks tattoo pigmentation down in fine pieces using the energy from the laser, and the ink is flushed naturally from the skin. In this way, the ink gradually disappears, while the surrounding skin remains scar-free, because there is no burning and the skin doesn't absorb light of that specific wavelength. 

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We also like to receive our customers, so feel free to visit our art gallery whenever you want during office hours. It would be best to make an appointment beforehand if it’s the weekend

If you prefer, you can send me a message via Whatsapp using the number we included below and Mazatlan area code. 

Sixto Osuna, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

669 912 09 85

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